Getting Started

Guides for getting started using Anka Software

One of the most common problems when getting started is the usage of sudo for anka commands. Anka will run for all users on a machine, but they will have isolated environments. If you create an Anka VM Template/Tag as UserA, sudo/root will not be able to see or use them. Also, the Anka Build Cloud Controller will start VMs as root, so be sure to clean up any VM Templates and Tags you have under UserA or else the disk space will become a problem. It's suggested to just run all anka commands as root.

Anka Build Cloud on Mac OS

Set up your Anka Build Cloud on Mac OS.

Anka Build Cloud on Linux

Set up your Anka Build Cloud on Linux using Docker.

Creating your first VM

Create your first VM using the Anka CLI.

Working with USB Devices

Using the Anka CLI and API to setup and manage USB devices.

VM Networking

Understanding Anka VM networking

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